• Custom fit earplugs for motorcyclists

    The Big Ear custom molded ear plugs for bikers. Reusable ear plugs made to fit you, giving your ears superior protection. Read More
  • Swimming ear plugs

    Protect your ears while swimming with Big Ear's custom made ear plugs for swimmers. Read More
  • Custom fit earbuds for iPhones and iPods

    Get superior sound from your Apple products and reduce background noise with our custom fitted ear buds Read More
  • Athletes' ear buds

    Train and perform in comfort with Big Ear custom fit ear pieces for your audio equipment. Enjoy superior sound quality with perfectly fitted ear buds that won't fall out. Read More
  • Ear plugs for dirt bikers

    Off-road in comfort with our custom fitted ear plugs and ear buds for bikers. Designed to fit perfectly and stay put. Read More
  • Earplugs for racing

    Reduce track and engine noise and protect your hearing with custom fit ear plugs for professional race drivers. Read More
  • Protect your ears at work

    Custom fit ear plugs for industrial hearing protection. Anti-bacterial molded ear protection. Read More
  • Ear bud adapters for superior sound

    Train in style and comfort with custom fit headphone adapters made to fit your ears perfectly. Read More
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Big Ear Inc

Big Ear's custom molded ear plugs and ear pieces are designed to fit you. Our reusable ear plugs are custom made to fit your ears, giving you superior ear protection and helping to prevent hearing loss. Our custom fit ear pieces work with your existing technology to give you the best sound quality, while reducing background noise. Big Ear, Inc, the leader in hearing health technologies.

Big Ear Testimonials

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-- Dennis A.

I wanted to write a note about the BE-3CB-DC’s you sent me recently.

Initially I was concerned over the fit. The right ear seemed ok but the left ear was actually tender for a few days. Fit on the left ear was overly tight, though I know both molds came out perfectly. Whether there was a little swelling at the time or some other cause,my ears did adjust (as your paperwork mentions may happen during initial use).They feel much better now,are comfortable for long periods, and sound absolutely amazing. I can’t imagine what your 8 transducer units sound like. I’ve heard Westone’s before and have extensive experience with Shure’s budget line. These blow the Shure’s away for sure (pun intended). The Westone’s sounded good but I can’t really compare them to my BE-3CB’s because I only listened to the Westone’s once and they were molded to the owner. I am extremely happy to have purchased my Big Ear BE-3CB’s. The isolation, clarity, and headroom are all very impressive. Even though you’re not standing next to a large subwoofer, it almost feels like you are in in your head. The added bass really provides a strong bottom end well beyond what I would have thought possible from such a small device. Congratulations on another happy customer!


John M Powell


Hearing Loss Fast Facts

15 million people in the United States with hearing loss avoid seeking help.

Only 16% of physicians routinely screen for hearing loss.

People with hearing loss wait an average of 7 years before seeking help.

Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) affects 50 million people in the United States.

Exposure to a noisy subway, for just 15 minutes a day overtime, can cause permanent damage to hearing over time.

Noise is one of the leading causes of hearing loss.

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Recent News

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Big Ear introduces it's new Apple Line of products that are specifically designed to use with your IPHONE, IPODS, IPADS, and other Apple products. See the entire line in the "Products" section under "IPHONE".