The best electronic hearing protection ever made. All digital with four different presets at the push of a button to adjust on the fly, with a volume adjustment right at your fingertip.

Get a jump on the bird as you can hear it click and be fully protected as we use our proprietary compression technology. If you do not have the best technology, you are getting dosed every time you pull the trigger.

Most companies use a clip technology, that detects a sound and cuts it off. With the clip technology, your are getting hearing damage every single time.

With electronic hearing protection compression circuitry you are always in the situation and the sound in compress and made quieter and not clipped.

It requires a more substantial investment to get the right equipment. Just as you are not out there with your gun from Walmart, neither should you be out there with your Walmart hearing protection.

Don’t you want to have the best ear plugs for shooting?