How can Tinnitus Cause Suicide? I just read this latest article about, Daniel Derricutt, 24 from the UK who claimed his Bose Earphones caused Tinnitus and this caused his suicide. In the US it is tough to get real data and stories as so much is covered up and never published, but I would like […]


STEP 1 AN INTRODUCTION ON CHOOSING THE RIGHT EARPLUG.   Hello, my name is Glenn Hood, I am the founder and CEO of Big Ear. I want to welcome you to the website and give you an overview of what we do to ensure you get what you are looking for. Most likely you did […]

Are Earplugs for Kids necessary because there young and sturdy and will heal. When we expose our Kids to any dangerous situations, we need to protect them, that only makes sense, Correct? Do we need earplugs for kids? I recently saw an article that described how heavy metal music is a torture method at Guantanamo Bay but that […]

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Here is a great review I just received regarding our new Custom Aqua1 Stereo EarPlugs.   If you were considering purchasing a pair of swimming audio earplugs, check this out: Hello, Thought I would give you a review on my new Big Ear audio swimming plugs and  after 6 weeks of use, I can safely […]


Hearing is a huge blessing, a tremendous gift. Unfortunately, in this busy era of technology and modernism, we often forget to take care of our little blessings until they are taken away from us. Can you imagine a life without listening to your favorite songs? Or being unable to talk to your best friend, family, […]